March 31, 2018

Style + attitude

By Nando Medina
Coco Chanel | Nando Medina Blog

 “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” Coco Chanel.

The following are some tips about fashion-forward shapes, textures, colors, and style to keep your look that you want.

We all would like to have the budget for a designer wardrobe, but instead, we will need to use the right tools and sense about getting the look right.

An excellent way to start this process is thinking of yourself as a blank canvas to portrait the outfit and accessories you will wear. Check how do you look like, what mood that outfit and accessories bring to you, what is that portrait projecting about you. You can keep adjusting your look to different variations. Some of the first parameters to keep in mind when building your identity are:

Colors: always checking those that go with your body complexion, skin tone, type of occasion/event, season/time, and vital, your goals. One great example of colors using personal goals is RED; used to project confidence. Plan self-assured without being too bold — that is when white or a light color tone combined with dark accent colors is appropriate, having in mind always seasons. That is the case of Tiffany, for example, light blue + chocolate brown.

Context and goals: imagine yourself are a mannequin, having in mind the scenario you will be part of it and what is the role you will play within that scenario, what is your goal while attending that event, how you want to be perceived?

“Framing” yourself: since you are building your style and identity/brand, your outfit and accessories should showcase you projecting out the best of you. Don’t forget, “perception turns into reality for those out there.

Attitude is a settled way of thinking and feeling, reflecting on our behavior.

Confidence is always attractive for either-gender, situation, and business field.

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