Terra: Brown Patterned Sugar Cane Leaf Bracelet


A very delicate and innovated piece from sugar dried leaf to design a symmetric pattern, all naturally colored. Organic materials used for casual style. This bracelet is perfect for those daytime events such as BBQ gathering, deck/terrace party.

Suggested for the following neckline dresses:

Scoop style Neckline dress, by Nando Medina Halter stripe style
Neckline dress, by Nando Medina

Color: Brown
Finish: Opened
Material: Natural sugar cane dried leaf + leather
Size: Fits small woman's wrist, diameter 2.15" 
Height: 2"
Weight: 1.0 oz

NOTE: this piece is a delicate fashion accessory; for durability avoid any contact with water or any other liquid.

Collections: TERRA : Organic Bracelets

Type: Bracelet